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But there's a problem...

  • Repeating the same old technics, expecting a different result

  • No Personal Purpose

  • Ineffective Accountability

  • Lack Mentality

  • Incoherence

  • Misaligned Goals

  • Lack of Empathy

  • Lack of Trust and Confidence in Leadership

Imagine what it will FEEL like to see your business thriving, your employees engaged, excited and passionately invested in your business, customers and  fellow colleagues.

  True TRANSFORMATION occurs when leaders invest in the development of their employees, both personally and professionally. Fueled with purpose and a powerful mindset, your team will show up inspired, motivated and empowered to create success in their lives. What this means for you is higher employee retention rates, more accountability, increased productivity, and explosive revenue growth. 



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  • A powerful shift in company culture, starting at the very top, trickling down with a unified and consistent approach.

  • Establishing a personal connection for each employee, to the overall company objective. Not only will people want to work for you, they will want to excel for you - over and again.

  • Happy and engaged employees, that have been made to feel like they are making a difference in their everyday. While working for an organization that truly cares about the development of the people, both personally and professionally. 

  • Explosive, sustainable revenue growth


As the CEO of the largest tax & duty free diamond retailer in the world, it's vitally important to support and set our team up for lasting success.


I have twice brought Rudi in to address my team, as the opening Keynote speaker at our annual conference.

Rudi powerfully disseminates info in a way that engages the entire team, with a unifying message. He has the ability to empower and inspire a team to take personal accountability and responsibility, for their position, setting themselves, and their teams, along with the company, up for success.


Rudi drives tangible, real time results that drive the bottom line.” 

Morris Gad - New York USA

Rudi is an absolute tower of power when it comes to empowering others, and his ability to deconstruct, disseminate and instill subject in a succinct way regardless of its complexity is his apogee. Great very many businessmen and women that I know he trained had their lives impacted significantly and I am one of them.  His business acumen is surpassed only by his genuine care and love for people that he works with, and when you do business with my friend, Rudi, you will have greatly enhanced your life in more ways than one.

Albert Weatherman  - Zagreb, Croatia

I’ve always been a very business orientated, it is through Rudi’s coaching that enabled me to see clarity in how to get to the next ‘level’ and see no end to how successful I can become. It is Rudi’s extremely high caliber of professionalism and his unrelenting passion for helping others to succeed in all avenues of their life that makes him able to lead others so efficiently. 

I am incredibly grateful for the time and effort Rudi has put into growing my professional life, and I only hope others can benefit from him as much as I. 


Thank you Rudi, for paving my way to success

W.A. Bates - London, England

I was introduced to Rudi after my company plateaued. I needed a mentor that would make a real difference.
Rudi spent an initial 7x days inside my business. Understanding what I did, why and when I did certain things in order to truly understand the outcome.
He was quickly able to identify missed opportunity (and why) Then able to change the result by teaching me new/different techniques, such as NLP in order to appeal to a much larger audience and to be more effective in my strategy of new business.
The results were incredible in all areas of the business as well as in my personal life by implementing a strategic plan to success and well-being.
His kind and genuine approach blended with his straight talking demeanor changed my life. 

Neil Pirie - London, England

There is no denying that the moment you meet Rudi, you are immediately captivated with his presence. The way he carries himself with the utmost respect not just for himself, but for anyone he comes into contact with. This was one of the first things I knew I wanted to learn from him, however I ended up learning far more than just theoretical knowledge.

I have personally reached professional levels I didn’t know were possible for me, while working with Rudi. His coaching stems from the core belief, that if you believe in yourself with every ounce of your being, nothing can stand in your way!

When I stumbled and became my worst critic, all it took was a call with Rudi, and just hearing him cheer me on and reminding me how grateful he was to work with me. He might not know it, but those words, changed everything. 

Anyone lucky enough to work with Rudi, will become a better person, and not just professionally. 

Chantelle Rabe - South Africa

Rudi has an incredible work ethic, and works very hard. Pushing himself, constantly striving to better himself & empower those around him. 

Rudi is highly effective in business & business strategy as well as building personal relationships through honestly and integrity. He is very focused & professional and has a very positive attitude

Ashok A. - Philipsburg St. Maarten

I was fortunate enough to receive one week of intensive business training with Rudi Riekstins. I had known people who had benefited from a week much like this and prepared me with comments of “I only wish I had met Rudi sooner”. We went to work the moment we shook hands signaling the start of the week. Within hours I could already feel that I was not just getting a cheer leader but someone that is willing to do what ever it takes to ensure that I was a better version of myself in seven days. There was no doubt about it. Constantly enforcing the strength of your authentic self combined with holding yourself at the highest level of integrity at all times will ensure that you can consistently do good business. When you combine an incredible attention to detail, a deep appreciation for the art of communication along with a vast knowledge of human behavior patterns as some his tools that he uses to fine tune you towards success, there is no mystery as to why I was able to add my name to the growing list of people that have seen, and continue to see, a positive impact in their business (and earnings) thanks to Rudi.

Ryan Gronbeck - Durban South Africa

Rudi Riekstins recently provided an outstanding keynote speech for a large group at our company. 

Rudi was an articulate and engaging speaker. His humble but magnetic character teamed with his extensive business knowledge and strategic planning, makes him both an inspiring and educational presenter.

He had the ability to reach and connect with every participant in the room from the most willing, to the most reluctant. He held the room in his palm for 60 minutes and closed to a standing ovation. 

I would be honored to have him speak again, or to continue to use his talents in a coaching capacity. 

Ruth King - New York USA

I can say without a doubt, Rudi has grown our business since working with him. To be more specific he grew our  income within the first year about 10%, the second year for about 25%, and within our third year, I can confidently say about 45-50%. 

Rudi has not only influenced our current business, but all our future ones, with the experience, and the knowledge of how to conduct business.

Vanja Cosic - Trbovlje, Slovenia