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Keynotes / Events Planning

Experience the Unforgettable:

Elevate your event with the electrifying presence of Rudi Riekstins. With a unique gift for creating transformative spaces, Rudi inspires personal and professional growth like no one before him. His dynamic, energetic style motivates audiences to tap into their highest and greatest potential, igniting positive change both individually and within the company. Rudi is not just a speaker; he's a catalyst for profound transformation. If you're ready to make your event unforgettable and empower your audience to reach new heights, invite Rudi Riekstins to your stage. Prepare for an experience that will leave a lasting impact and energize your attendees like never before

Business Mentorship / Coaching

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential 

Discover the transformative power of business mentorship and 1:1 coaching. Our tailored programs are designed to elevate your leadership, boost team performance, and drive exponential growth. With proven strategies and personalized guidance, we empower you to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve your loftiest business goals. Don't settle for mediocrity—elevate your business to new heights with our mentorship and coaching expertise. Success awaits those who dare to invest in their growth. Start your journey today.

The Elevated Leadership Experience:
Group Programs

The Elevated Leadership Experience


Group Leaderships Coaching for your team is a strategic decision that can reshape the trajectory of your company by developing leaders to become leaders of leaders. By fostering a culture of strong, empowered leaders and cohesive teams, you'll witness increased productivity, innovation, Positive culture shift and overall business success. With the support of our experienced coaches and the collective wisdom of fellow participants, you'll tackle challenges head-on, seize opportunities, and steer your organization towards sustainable growth. 

Customized Trainings

Transformative Success Through Customized Trainings 

Discover the power of tailored, engaging, and life-changing training programs designed specifically for your unique needs. Rudi's commitment is to ensure maximum success for your organization. We believe in the profound impact of customizing each training to align perfectly with your goals, challenges, and aspirations. With our expertise and your vision, we co-create an educational experience that empowers your team to excel, innovate, and drive tangible results. Elevate your organization personally and professionally to new heights with trainings that inspire lasting change and unleash your full potential.

Sales Training

Energize Your Sales with a  Transformational Training

Experience a sales training like no other with Rudi Riekstins. Rudi's unique approach centers on aligning thoughts, feelings, and energy to achieve desired outcomes. This powerful training has the potential to revolutionize not just individual sales performance but entire organizations and bottom lines. Witness firsthand the remarkable impact of harnessing the power of intention and energy in sales. Elevate your team's success, boost revenue, and drive tangible results. If you're ready to transform your sales strategy and see a profound shift in your business, Rudi Riekstins' Energetic Sales Training is the key to unlocking a new level of success.

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