Don't just SURVIVE, learn to THRIVE in any environment, situation and relationship

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But there's a problem...

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Feeling victimized

  • Lack of accountability

  • Ineffective goal setting

  • Emotional blocks

  • Lack of trust and self-confidence

Rudi Riekstins has the experience, knowledge and development tools to help facilitate your TRANSFORMATION personally and professionally. Whether shifting

company culture, developing an executive leadership team, or one-on-one coaching, the results are consistently transformational. 



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Rudi is an absolute tower of power when it comes to empowering others, and his ability to deconstruct, disseminate and instill subject in a succinct way regardless of its complexity is his apogee. Great very many businessmen and women that I know he trained had their lives impacted significantly and I am one of them.  His business acumen is surpassed only by his genuine care and love for people that he works with, and when you do business with my friend, Rudi, you will have greatly enhanced your life in more ways than one.

Albert Weatherman  - Zagreb, Croatia

The power of a healthy mindset:


I have been working with Rudi since 2017 to improve my mindset in both my personal and business life. I didn’t realize that a negative mentality was so transparent and could repel others, but with Rudi’s help I have become a more patient and positive thinker.

Alison Ryan - Michigan, USA

Rudi Riekstins has been without a doubt, a driving force for my personal and professional growth. As a public speaker he is a master of his craft and taught me to captivate audiences and retain the levels of attention and emotion for longer periods of time.

Training with Rudi was intense and challenging, but because of the work he made me put in, my life has taken a turn for the better. 


I will forever be grateful for the advice and tools he has given me both professionally and personally.

Fernando Sors - Tampico, Mexico

After more than 20 years in one career, Rudi helped me transition into an entirely new business direction. I have never encountered training as intense and laser focused as Rudi provided. His strategy was highly motivational, and he makes you believe that you can excel at anything. When I need inspiration to do a challenging task, I simply think of Rudi. His positivity and strength are contagious. 

Debra Schrills - Florida, USA

Rudi has helped me both professionally and personally in a myriad of ways, many of which overlap. It all begins with mindset. He lays out actionable steps to help you achieve a positive belief mindset that is crucial in any circumstance, albeit it personal or professional. But where Rudi really excels is helping you take any task/challenge/goal to the next level. He has an unwavering belief and faith in you - sometimes more than you have in yourself- and having that rock to lean on is imperative and necessary when you are “leveling up”. He always demands and expects the best of you - he sets the bar very high. In return, Rudi provides a level of consistency that is unparalleled. He always shows up, brings his A game and puts his heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and most importantly LOVE into every aspect of his business. This isn’t your ordinary coaching program which is why you will experience extraordinary results if you are open to putting in the time and effort. 

Bonnie Howe - Florida, USA

Rudi Riekstins recently provided an outstanding keynote speech for a large group at our company. 

Rudi was an articulate and engaging speaker. His humble but magnetic character teamed with his extensive business knowledge and strategic planning, makes him both an inspiring and educational presenter.

He had the ability to reach and connect with every participant in the room from the most willing, to the most reluctant. He held the room in his palm for 60 minutes and closed to a standing ovation. 

I would be honored to have him speak again, or to continue to use his talents in a coaching capacity. 

Ruth King - New York USA

I can say without a doubt, Rudi has grown our business since working with him. To be more specific he grew our  income within the first year about 10%, the second year for about 25%, and within our third year, I can confidently say about 45-50%. 

Rudi has not only influenced our current business, but all our future ones, with the experience, and the knowledge of how to conduct business.

Vanja Cosic - Trbovlje, Slovenia

We all grow up learning about heroes; rarely do we meet one! The most meaningful heroes do not make themselves great compared to everyone - instead inspire the inner hero in everyone to become great. 

True wealth is wisdom, and admiration of those closest. You managed a lifetime of riches and wealth. Thank you for being an inspiration. 

Brandon Andrade - South Africa.

I’ve always been a very business orientated, it is through Rudi’s coaching that enabled me to see clarity in how to get to the next ‘level’ and see no end to how successful I can become. It is Rudi’s extremely high caliber of professionalism and his unrelenting passion for helping others to succeed in all avenues of their life that makes him able to lead others so efficiently. 

I am incredibly grateful for the time and effort Rudi has put into growing my professional life, and I only hope others can benefit from him as much as I. 


Thank you Rudi, for paving my way to success

W.A. Bates - London, England

Rudi has an incredible work ethic, and works very hard. Pushing himself, constantly striving to better himself & empower those around him. 

Rudi is highly effective in business & business strategy as well as building personal relationships through honestly and integrity. He is very focused & professional and has a very positive attitude

Ashok A. - Philipsburg St. Maarten

Thank you a million times over for growing not only my skills but my inner self too.

Jessica Whitehurst - London England